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Who is Little Korra Jane?


Meet Little Korra Jane.  She's 5-years old and lives in Frog Level, South Carolina  with her mommy, daddy, and her best friend Meow. She takes Meow with her every place she goes, well almost every place, she has to leave him at home when she goes to school. Meow is pretty cool because when the grown-ups are not around he comes to life always teaching Little Korra Jane a valuable life lesson, well there might be a time or two when you find she keeps him out of trouble too!

Little Korra Jane can be quite mischevious but she is an overall sweet, kind, and caring little girl. Sometimes she seems to be older than she really is. Despite her Tom Boy actions you will always see her wearing a tutu with her jeans and tennis shoes, or she will have on a dress with her cowgirl boots. No matter what she is wearing though you will always find her sporting a huge bow in her hair that will match Meow's collar. Keep a close eye because in each story they will be wearing a different color or design to help teach your little one color recognition. 

Come along through The Adventures of Little Korra Jane book series while she learns something new each time. You and your child will both fall in love with these characters as they bring out the best of traditional story telling along with fun adventures and learning!


The Adventure of Little Korra Jane The Big scary monster

In this story, Little Korra Jane is afriad that her big new bed will not be enough to get rid of the big scary monster that showed up on the wall every night after the lights went out. Share this adventure with your little one as Meow helps Little Korra Jane to realize the reality of the big scary monster.



Enjoy the excitement of this story as Little Korra Jane learns about the consequences of disobeying the grown-ups. Not only will your children learn a valuable lesson from Little Korra Jane, but they will also see the ornery side of her furry companion Meow. 

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Meet the Faces Behind the Story

Lory Linn


Author Lory Linn is always busy creating something new to educate and entertain others. She was recently inspired to create The Adventures of Little Korra Jane after her real-life granddaughter was born. In this series she hopes to entertain children and parents while teaching the children lessons through the eyes and the mind of Little Korra Jane and her best friend Meow.

korra jane


Meet the real Little Korra Jane. Without her real-life adventures and personality there wouldn't be a series today.  Although this Little Korra Jane is only one-and-a-half years old, sometimes she acts like a teenager. She loves to learn, she loves to explore, she loves music, and she is full of love. Much like the character, she is also independent and curious. Her huge bow has been a big part of her personality since the day she was born!



This is the real Meow in stuffed form. He only comes to life when the grown-up's are not around. He has been with the real Little Korra Jane almost her whole life, but he is a little older and wiser than she is. Poor Meow has been through a lot with Korra Jane. He has been slept on, drooled on, and even worse. Thank goodness for Grandmama's special shampoo! If it wasn't for Meow keeping Little Korra Jane out of trouble, well, we wouldn't have a story to tell.

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